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Alessandro Scarlatti - Sento nel core (Sorrow Unending)

29.03.2011 Article

What can be said of Alessandro Scarlatti?

He is the founder of Neapolitan school of opera; his sons, Pietro Filippo Scarlatti and Domenico Scarlatti, followed their father and became composers as well. Baroque epoch gave birth to a lot of talented composers, and Scarlatti family is certainly among them.

Though not everybody knows what Kapellmeister is today, becoming one – a courtier privileged musician – was dream of nearly every composer at the moment. Alessandro got ahead his competitors and composed operas, arias, and cantatas under the auspices of king of Naples. His compositions sound inspired, dramatic and, considering their time, modern. The same as Chopin, Scarlatti has a Mercury crater named after him.

Alessandro Scarlatti’s sheet music is available here:Sento nel core (Sorrow Unending) – enjoy Baroque music at its finest.


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