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“When words leave off, music begins”. (Heinrich Heine)

Music is a secret language of our deepest thoughts and feelings which we are often not aware of. Sounding from the stage or through any technical means it wakes in people a variety of different emotions, light and gloomy, strong and conflicting, being able to change our spirit in a flash to its exact opposite affected by the hypnotic melody. Music is at once one of the strongest but subtlest forces in the world. Going back to the origins of mankind, music is likely to be the eldest mean of communication between individuals, perhaps even elder than words.

I’d like to share the amazing world of music with all people who want to let this magic in their lives making it richer and finer. On my personal page, you will find a lot of great masterpieces from different musical epochs, including Baroque “pearls” as well as Classical and Romantic pieces of such famous composers as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Schumann, Scarlatti and some works from the early 20th century. All sheet music can be downloaded and printed.

I invite all to join me in this eternal journey through secret musical valleys while searching for its teeming treasures. Please enjoy my sheet music collection.

Robert Schumann’s “Arabesque”

16.03.2016 Artikel

This work is among my personal favorites when it comes to piano solos. Maybe it’s explained by the special delicacy of the piece, maybe by its light yet controversial melody. Anyway, it’s nothing but pure pleasure to perform it on piano when you long for something fluid and harmonious. Schumann wrote the arabesque at the age of 29, and that’s when he and Clara were already apart and he moved to Vienna. Schumann, however, could not completely get over the fact and kept communicating with her via ...

Alessandro Scarlatti - Sento nel core (Sorrow Unending)

29.03.2011 Artikel

He is the founder of Neapolitan school of opera; his sons, Pietro Filippo Scarlatti and Domenico Scarlatti, followed their father and became composers as well. Baroque epoch gave birth to a lot of talented composers, and Scarlatti family is certainly among them. Though not everybody knows what Kapellmeister is today, becoming one – a courtier privileged musician – was dream of nearly every composer at the moment. Alessandro got ahead his competitors and composed operas, arias, and cantatas under the ...

Объяли меня воды

22.04.2010 Artikel

Вчера мне попался на глаза альбом El-P "High Water" (Thirsty Ear, 2004). El-P (aka El Producto), он же Jaime Meline (р. 1975), бруклинский хип-хопер, мелодист и лирик, которому понадобились чуть ли не лучшие джазовые силы города Нью-Йорка, чтобы исполнить приглаженную, красивенькую, ритмичную, фоновую, клубную, (в плохом смысле) бесконфликтную и крайне пустую музыку: easy listening с претензией. А вот как выглядит секстет, реализовавший программу High Water: Guillermo E. Brown, drums - Roy ...

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