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Canon in D major, PWC 37

Canon in D major
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Canon in D major
Johann Pachelbel
Cravo, Violino
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Ré (D) maior
The original name of this piece is “Canon and Gigue for 3 violins and basso continuo”, but we commonly know it as Pachelbel’s Canon or simply Canon in D. The piece was composed in the 19th century by the German composer of Baroque period Johann Pachelbel. There is too little known about the origin of this work and the exact dates of its creation. According to one version, it was composed for Johann Christoph Bach’s wedding (Bach’s older brother and Pachelbel’s pupil), according to another version, the canon was a sort of ‘response’ to Heinrich Biber’s chaconne published earlier. Luckily, Jean-François Paillard’s arrangement of the composition was noticed in 1968. Since then, the piece slowly gathered its popularity among various ensembles. Today, it is an indispensable element of Western-world weddings and a frequently used element of other music genres, like pop, for example.
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06 mar 2010


Samuel Lionels 05.02.2018

I believe that there have been too much of Pachelbel's Canon in D in the life and studies of every classically trained musician. But it doesn't make one feel enough of it notwithstanding. A masterful composition, beautifully put together by the author. I did enjoy listening to (and even playing) many of the contemporary arrangements published here - some presented a very curious vision of this never-tiring masterpiece, Bravo!

Sarah-Erica 08.12.2015

Canon in D is one of the greatest music works ever brought to this world!

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